Those policies of privacy or use that all physical or legal weight that we will call “Client” offer to the platform and to the conditions of security and treatment provided for the data collected.

It establishes the conditions of queue, use and situation in which these information is shared and I will direct you or “Client” to them, they have been used by means of a Web application for desktop or mobile.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, or Client expresses its full acceptance of the clauses described herein, therefore, it constituted a valid and binding contract between the Client and the LatamWin Group.

In case or user of the oil as the conditions established in this privacy policy, the user must abstain from using the platform or any two services that or pro-marketing directly or indirectly provides. The customer is also responsible for periodically reviewing the Platform’s privacy policy. See your updates or modifications.

For the operation of the Platform, the Company can collect information from the Web and tax telephone calls that are considered convenient, especially in the case of claims management. You can also assemble information, through cookies or labels, through information provided by the Client. This information includes reference data such as name, address, email, IP address, browser or research carried out on the Platform.

As information and collected data received or following use:

  • Verify that you are complying with the regulations required by the platform.
  • Offer products, discounts or promotions by means of email or phone.
  • Answer questions and manage claims, make inquiries of satisfaction or consult the preference of offers or destinations.
  • Carry out analyzes and internal studies of the LatamWin Group, in order to improve our commercial, advertising and promotional proposals.

It is understood that you know that the LatamWin Group will be able to share the relevant data of your users with allies and commercial providers for the management of the use of two services and customer service.

O Grupo LatamWin maintains security mechanisms to protect your data, using a digital title that authenticates the identity of a site and cryptography as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, therefore, the information sent to the server will be strictly confidential for or use of third parties. The data will be used exclusively for the employees, contractors, representatives and agents of the Company who need to carry out these data for or perform their functions and require the same confidentiality conditions from suppliers and commercial allies.

At the time of registration, or customer can choose to oil or recuse or receive in your e-mail of promotional circulars, messages or alerts of offers, with the possibility of canceling the subscription by means of the link that will be sent in each e-mail. In the event of cancellation of the assinatura, you will stop receiving alerts of offers, promotional messages or special discounts, but will continue to receive communications about the transactions generated in our system.

Or user formally declares to make and oil this privacy policy and the directives granted by Grupo LatamWin.