Online Casino Licensing

A gambling license is a guarantee of quality, reliability and transparency of online gambling companies.

LatamWin Gaming License

The company LatamWin offers online gambling licenses, as well as providing slot licenses, betting solutions, poker, and lotteries as an integral part of its White Label projects.



We provide advisory services in relation to the search of gaming activities and licenses for online casinos.

Integration of payment systems

We provide assistance in opening the bank account under a given jurisdiction and legalizing documentation in accordance with bank requirements. Additionally, we assist in establishing company subsidiaries to enable our clients to execute payments through international bank cards and various payment services.

Preparation and legalization of documentation

Registration under a given jurisdiction requires a complete package of documents, as well as compliance with a whole series of rules and requirements. LatamWin helps in the preparation and legalization of the documentation for the registration of the company and the opening of the bank account.

Advantages of Casino Licensing

Legal business activity

Transparent and favorable conditions of commercial operations. The availability of an online casino license confirms that such a gambling house is completely transparent in its financial transactions and is generally reliable.

Low costs

All jurisdictions are known for their loyal attitude towards gambling operators and providers. LatamWin offers the best value for money.

Licensed software

The availability of a gaming license allows you to integrate certified software from various gaming providers into your online project.

Online Gambling Licensing Price

The cost of an online casino license varies depending on the jurisdiction. LatamWin’s managers are always ready to offer you a commercial offer that meets your expectations in terms of price and your personal vision of the project.